I work with the "root" of the problem, not the symptoms.

I work with the entire person, not the diagnoses.

My work is based on the theory of physical symptoms/sicknesses exposing themselves long after the detrimental thoughts and feelings, traumas and inner conflict have created the particular illness. Much of this resides deep within the subconscious, and can be «inherited» from our ancestors of long ago. Releasing such traumas and deep-buried feelings opens for an immediate alleviation of symptoms as well as long-term positive change. This can be compared to how one gets rid of weeds: one could clip away the top, or one could invest in ridding the weed by the root, thereby giving a lasting result!

A person is much more than what contemporary science can show us and «prove». Everything in life is interrelated, and every person has her/his own core self. It is not uncommon for one to stray from one’s life path due to life’s circumstances, and to become «unfaithful» to oneself. But this can lead to both health issues and social difficulties, and a chronic displeasure with one’s life can further lead to chronic pain appearing here and there...

In the case of a child growing up in fear and insecurity, she will learn to protect herself by developing many defense mechanisms. These in turn will be the seed to negative behavioral patterns as an adult, with various mental “blocks” to personal development and fulfillment.

Through becoming aware of these unconstructive patterns, and by releasing painful emotions, one can begin to live in harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings. And by dissolving these blockages that have formed over the years, one can find the way back to one’s core- a place of abundant creativity, boundless energy and true joy!

Healing means change!

I assist with the «inner» person to promote well-being of the «outer» person…

I assist you in seeing the «true you» and your truest potential…

I facilitate new perspectives…

I assist in the release of your emosjonal "baggage"…

I conceive of solutions others perhaps have not come upon, in places you may not have thought to look before...

I delve into subconscious thought-patterns and feelings that are sabotaging your efforts...

I «see» things based on a combined understanding of Eastern and Western medicine.

I consider myself religiously neutral.


- emotional unbalance

- lack of energy

- trauma and shock

- stress-related issues

- psychosomatic conditions

- social difficulties

- chronic pains that manifest in various body parts

- back ache

- anxiety and phobias

- low self-confidence

- stage fright

- Pteromerhanophobia, a.k.a. fear of flying

- digestive maladies

- difficulty in «finding oneself» after a traumatic event

- various other ailments that have no apparent cause…


Acupressure massage, BodyworkI use acupressure massage to clear up the energyflow in meridians. There are a lot of points and techniques one can use. Sometimes rather hard pressure in 1-2 minutes, sometimes just soft touch in several seconds. It depends on problem and condition.

Chinese Medicine

Our body has 14 meridians which are the pathways of chi (energy) through the body. Energy should normally flow through the body like a river's water. When blockages develop in the "river", the body is cast into imbalance, and one experience pain and illness. The purpose with the treatment is to get all the meridians in balance. In this case the body has an opportunity to heal itself.

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Applied Kinesiology is based on Chinese medicine and the study of meridians, which are the pathways of chi (energy) through the body. Energy should normally flow through the body like a river’s water. When blockages develop in the “river” however, the body is cast into imbalance, and one experiences pain and illness. Acupuncturists use the same wisdom of meridians to release blockages via acupuncture needling. In Applied Kinesiology however, it is common to massage various points on the meridians, among various other techniques, to clear up sources of blockage. Some examples of reasons for a blockage would be an intolerance to particular foods or psychological/inner turmoil.


An additional tool I incorporate in the release of blockages is healing, which allows one to go into a theta-state of awareness (a state of very deep relaxation). The brain waves are slowed down at a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second) and sense energy flow in a person’s body. Any abnormalities can then be adjusted to facilitate a return to normal energy flow.

Spiritual Counseling

  • If you have a deeper question concerning your life or soul,
  • if you seek the deeper meaning and understanding of things that happens you,
  • if there is something that bother you and you can't find the reason why,
  • if you are going around without finding yourself,
  • if you have some difficulties to forgive.

REMEMBER: you can always change your life! And I'll do everything I can to help you.


2 hours - 1000 NOK

1 hour - 600 NOK